ILLUSTORIA Recurring Subscription

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Ongoing Subscript.jpg

ILLUSTORIA Recurring Subscription


A convenient recurring subscription to ILLUSTORIA. Your account will be billed the 4-issue subscription rate ($56) annually.

    Your ILLUSTORIA Recurring Subscription will start with ISSUE 3, THE OUTSIDE-IN ISSUE. Avoid the hassle of resubscribing and get ILLUSTORIA in your mailbox effortlessly.

    Please note that recurring subscriptions are only available for domestic orders (mailing within the U.S.).

    Each issue features:

    • the creative original work of dozens of contributors (artists, storytellers, performers, chefs, makers)
    • quality DIY activities for kids
    • music & book reviews
    • a recipe, coloring pages, drawing and writing activities 
    • high-quality, recycled paper stock & soy-based inks
    • a fun way to engage across generations
    • zero ads

    Specs: full-color, 64 pages + matte cover stock, 8.5" x 10.5" (portrait)

    Age range: creative kids ages 6-12 and their grownups

    Domestic orders receive free shipping.

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