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Call for Submissions for Issue #10: COLOR!

Calling all artists: we are on the lookout for one or two page full-color comics for our next issue! Please read the important information below before you submit:

1. We are only considering one or two page full-color comics. The comics do not need to be related to the theme, but must be in full color (no black and white submissions). 

2. Before submitting, familiarize yourself with ILLUSTORIA’s past issues. Comics must be suitable for readers 6 - 12 years old.

3. We will be accepting proposals in ***rough draft form.***

Please only submit finished work if it is for reprint use—we encourage submissions of previously published artwork or writing, however we ask that this work has only been published once before and that you share the source.

4. Please also include: 3 jpg attachments of past work, your website, and social media.

The deadline for submitting artwork is July 29, 2019, 12 pm PST. Email work to ****We do not consider work submitted through ILLUSTORIA’s social media or to other email accounts.**** Illustoria offers a modest compensation structure, and we will work with artists on fees upon acceptance.


Writing Submission FAQ's:

What kinds of written pieces are you looking for?
We are not currently accepting written pieces. However when do have a call for written work, we look for stories (approx. 500–1,000 words), comics, poetry, articles and essays relating to an issue theme and generally all things that readers ages 6–12 would enjoy and that inspire creativity. Issue themes announced during Calls for Submissions can act as helpful guidelines for submitting work.

How do I submit written work to ILLUSTORIA?
Please send a complete draft of your piece along with an introduction that briefly summarizes it and gives an idea of why it’s perfect for ILLUSTORIA to Include your complete draft below your intro or attach it as a document.

What happens if my written submission is accepted?
We will be in touch with an offer and payment rate to publish your work.

Illustration Submission FAQ's:

What kinds of illustrated work are you looking for?
One or two page full-color comics, suitable for young readers ages 6 - 12 years old.

How do I submit visual work to ILLUSTORIA?

Send us your rough draft work, brief description, and 3 jpg attachments of past work, your website, and social media accounts.

How will I know if my submission is rejected or accepted? How soon will I hear back?

We’re a small editorial team, so while we try to respond to all submissions, we’re not always able to do so personally or immediately. We aim to send replies within two months of receiving a submission.

What we aren’t looking for:

  • A link to your portfolio or published work without a specific idea or original submission intended for publication in ILLUSTORIA.

  • Work that is inappropriate for audiences ages 6–12.

  • Images of your work sent through social media.

What happens if my visual submission is accepted?

We will be in touch with an offer and payment rate to publish your work.

Thanks for considering submitting your work to ILLUSTORIA. To keep up on Calls for Submissions, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!