Press & Accolades  


“ILLUSTORIA is the kind of magazine you keep on your bookshelves with your favorite books. I LOVE IT!”
Cece Bell, author/illustrator of Newbery Honor and Eisner Award-winning El Deafo


“No need to take a trip back to your childhood. This one is fun for all ages!”
Time Travel Mart

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“Cover to cover, its content and aesthetics are smart, modern and engaging. ILLUSTORIA is a magazine I would've loved to have growing up. Thankful to have it now for my own kids, and to experience it with them.”
—Michelle Sterling, Avery and Augustine


“One of my most favorite things from 2016.”
—Maggie Pouncey, Stories Bookshop + Storytelling Lab


"(A) visually exciting magazine with a DIY attitude . . . offer(s) plentiful opportunities for engagement, while the quality artwork and inventive layouts are sure to inspire imaginative responses."
School Library Journal


“Not surprisingly ILLUSTORIA is more than eye candy and hip names, it’s also a mind buffet that is fresh and timeless.”
Amanda de Beaufort, Coos & Ahhs


“It’s a rewarding offering that I hope sticks around for many years down the line.”
Jules Danielson of Seven Impossible Things Before BreakfastKirkus Reviews


“A beautifully designed illustration magazine for cool kiddos and their equally as cool parents! . . .  For all of our amazing retailers out there, I highly recommend adding this puppy to your shop.”
—Carrie Gifford, Red Cap Cards

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“ILLUSTORIA turns every good idea into a picture or a story that encourages creativity. And when that creativity is supported at home, imagination takes flight and young writers and artists are inspired to express themselves in wonderful ways. Each issue is a new learning adventure!”
—Ann Levine, Bank Street Books


“If you haven’t heard of ILLUSTORIA yet, all you with littles will be so thrilled to have this interactive new magazine to nurture their creativity with.”
—Kristina Hendrick Meltzer, 100 Layer Cakelet

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"The stories, comics, and DIY coalesce around eliciting interaction from readers. Interviews, artist profiles, graphic short stories, coloring pages, and craft projects are presented informally and distinctively, affording ample opportunity for adults and children to collaborate on creative endeavors." — Steve Black, Library Journal 

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