Sakura's Pen Touch Marker Review


If you’re like me, the kind of person that makes a beeline for the pen section at an art store, and then lingers farrrr too long before making a purchase, than you too will understand that there is truly nothing more satisfying than a thick, inky marker. Finding a marker that is super opaque, saturated with color, lasts a long time, AND is shiny is a rare, rare thing. Pretty much the holy grail of markers. Well, you can call me King Arthur because the quest is over. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Sakura’s Pen Touch paint markers.

Tee-dah! Wow, so beautiful right? While these markers will not provide eternal youth or instant nirvana; abundant happiness it can offer - I’ll promise you that much. These markers are extremely versatile. They can draw on pretty much any surface (glass, wood, porcelain, plastic, paper and metal) and will dry instantly. But it’s not regular ol’ ink coming out of the tip--- it’s super rich, opaque paint!

They come in a range of sizes from 0.7mm (thin) to 2.0mm (super thick) which is great for creating and experimenting with variety of line widths. Packs come in metallic (gold, silver, and copper) and assorted colors (purple, blue, yellow, red, green, white and black).

The ink flows from the chamber of the pen to the tip, so to get started give ‘em a couple shakes with the cap still on, then uncap. Depress the tip in an upright position to release any internal pressure. Press firmly on a piece of paper until the ink is released. (Be sure not to over-pump.) Occasionally, the tip will run out of ink, but fear not! Just continue to shake the marker and more paint will flow.

sakura pic.jpg

I’ve been using these guys on everything from protest posters to paper mache! Gatta say, they make nearly every project 100% cooler, and they’re waaayyyy faster to use than actual paint. You can achieve finer, smoother detail too. Just remember, these paint markers are permanent and will stain! So, best to use on non-precious objects, aka NOT the walls, hands, grandma’s hundred year old porcelain, etc.

We're so excited to have Sakura sponsor Issue #4 of Illustoria, which will be on shelves this spring. Meanwhile, you can grab your Pen Touch paint markers and start drawing! 

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ILLUSTORIA + Public - Supply in The Great Giveaway


School is officially back in swing, and the autumn breeze is in the air. What better time to add some extra *umph* to your school and office supplies armory? Alas, but how? Funny you ask! We are excited to announce our participation in Public - Supply’s The Great Giveaway!


The lucky winner of the giveaway will receive:

  • All eleven gorgeous shades of Public - Supply’s new embossed notebook collection
  • Public - Supply's classic hex pencil set
  • A one-year subscription to ILLUSTORIA
  • Kanken No.2 backpack from Fjallraven
  • “Support Your Local Library” iPad pouch from Izola
  • This Is Ground Italian leather Mod Tablet 3 with Pancho Insert and 2 cord tacos
  • One-of-a kind ceramic pencil holder by Brooklyn ceramicist Ivy Weinglass  

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The Great Giveaway celebrates the launch of Public - Supply’s new 5" x 8" embossed notebook collection. We are lucky enough to have previewed the notebooks and they are as lovely to the touch and enticing to fill with thoughts, daydreams, and doodles as you might imagine.


And did you know that Public - Supply donates 25% of profits from every sale to a teacher in a high-need public school classroom, to help fund a creativity-driven project? Check out their site to see some of the latest cool happenings and a full list of the classrooms funded so far. As arts education continues to be cut in the public schools, Public - Supply’s commitment to teachers and students is something we couldn't be more passionate about standing behind. 

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"Support Your Local Library" iPad pouch from Izola, P - S pencil set, and beautiful custom pencil holder by Ivy Weinglass.

We love love love this message and pouch...and our local library, of course!


Kids and parents will be fighting over who gets dibs on this uber cool Fjallraven Kanken No.2 backpack.


This is Ground’s Mod Tablet 3 is perfect for traveling grownups and kids.

Photo by  Melissa Kaseman

Last but not least, a full-year's subscription to ILLUSTORIA!! 

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