For questions about submitting your work to ILLUSTORIA, please read our submissions page. 

Customer Q’s

What age are ILLUSTORIA readers?
Our publication is enjoyed by a wide range of ages including adults! We do gear our content toward readers ages 6–12 (and the young-at-heart).

Where can I buy ILLUSTORIA?
You can order single issues and annual subscriptions right here on our website. Check our stockists page to find us at your local shops and bookstores. 

What issue does my 4-issue subscription or recurring subscription start with?
4-issue subscriptions and recurring subscriptions begin with the most current issue available. 

What if I want to purchase a past issue? 
Past issues are available until we sell out. Check our store for the issue you are looking for. 

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Yes! We’ll ship anywhere in the world. The additional cost for international postage will be added to your total at checkout. 

Why is the cost of international shipping for ILLUSTORIA so high?
Since we are shipping magazines from our office in the U.S., we charge the USPS postage rate for international shipping. 

Retailer Q’s

What is your wholesale discount? 
We offer a 40% discount for orders of 5 or more magazines. Domestic (within the US) wholesale orders of 10 units or more receive free shipping. 

How often are issues of ILLUSTORIA published?
A new issue comes out every three to four months. We’ve found that our readers enjoy collecting our magazine and that our most successful retailers like to place multiple issues side by side!

Can I order past issues of ILLUSTORIA?
Yes! Past issues are available for order until we sell out. Please contact orders@illustoria.com. 

Would ILLUSTORIA like to hold a pop-up event at our shop?
Most likely, yes! We love to travel and to visit our stockists whenever we can, and we are excited about events and pop-up opportunities. Contact hello@illustoria.com for inquiries.